Don't Buy Travel Insurance Through Online Travel Agencies

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Don’t Buy Travel Insurance Through Online Travel Agencies

Online travel agencies (OTAs) like Orbitz and Expedia are useful for comparing prices of some flights and hotels, though it’s worth looking directly on an airline or hotel’s website for prices before booking, as we’ve covered before. You should also be aware …

Tell Us Your Best Athens Travel Tips

I’ve read one book about Athens, a novel about “runners” who hop the trains into the city and scam tourists into overpaying for crumbling hotel rooms in a seedy part of town. Running is a thoughtful period piece about dignity and desperation. But it is not ex…

Tell Us Your St. Louis Travel Tips

Welcome to the Meet Me City. It’s got the Cardinals, it’s got Missouri’s Democrats, it’s got half a McDonald’s sign along the river. It’s got all the big-city reporters who left little old Wind Gap. It was supposed to have a trolley by now. This week Hack You…

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