Tell Us Your Best Miami Travel Tips

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Tell Us Your Best Miami Travel Tips

Miami! The Vice city, the CSI: city, the Hotline city, the Kourtney and Kim Take city. Home of Dave Barry, Tony Montana, and not actually Will Smith. I’m drivin’ here! That’s how Miamians talk. I’ve only been to Miami Beach and the Wynwood Art District, surro…

Tell Us Your Seoul Travel Tips

This week, Hack Your City does it Gangnam style. We need your tips for visiting and living in the South Korean capital of Seoul. Right now, all we really know is that it’s a megacity that’s swallowed up its suburbs and neighboring towns, and that it’s the bir…

Tell Us Your Barcelona Travel Tips

Here in post-daylight-saving-time New York, it’s a good time to dream about a beach vacation. Let’s go to Barcelona, Spain’s second-biggest city, and visit its medieval buildings, lie on its beaches, walk through its surprisingly straight-gridded streets. Rea…

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