Tell Us Your Best Cancún Travel Tips

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Tell Us Your Best Cancún Travel Tips

Cancún is already pretty well-packaged for tourists. So this week’s Hack Your City is a challenge: what lays undiscovered in this young city? What has sprung up outside the crowded strip of beach resorts? And what tricks help locals get by in this tourist-dom…

Ask Kate About Beer: What’s the best way to pack beer for air travel?

Welcome to Ask Kate About Beer, in which The Takeout ’s resident beer expert answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about beer but were too drunk to ask. Have a question? Shoot it to beer@thetakeout.com. Read more…

CNN Travel editors select best trips of 2018

See photos of the best trips that CNN Travel editors took in 2018 — from the wilds of Glacier National Park in Montana to the amazing urban views in hilly Lisbon, Portugal.

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