Tell Us Your Copenhagen Travel Tips

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Tell Us Your Copenhagen Travel Tips

Hack Your City is off to Copenhagen, home of Hans Christian Andersen, the Tivoli Gardens, and Danish political drama Borgen. What pleasures are buried deep in the hygge heart of Denmark? We’d like your best advice for visiting and living in Copenhagen. Read m…

It’s Time to Rethink Who’s Best Suited for Space Travel

Being an astronaut is mentally and physically grueling—which is why people with disabilities, who adapt to challenges every day, are perfect fits.

You Can Take Amtrak Across the Country for Free if You’re Good With Social Media

Image: Pexels Amtrak is reintroducing free ride residencies for people who have a special knack for social media—and they swear they don’t mean “influencers.” Traveling by train makes the transition from one place to another one of the most important aspects …

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