Turn any mug into a travel mug

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Turn any mug into a travel mug

Turn any mug into a travel mug The PortaVia Universal To-Go Lid does something quite marvelous. It retrofits onto the top of any drinking vessel (mugs, cups, glasses, usually have roughly the same…

Thursday’s best TV: Back in Time for School; The Paras: Men of War

Major Nick French battles through wedding day nerves amid the looming threat of war, while class is in session as the pupils travel back to a 1960s secondary modern There have been some wacky and wildly unromantic premises for dating shows (Naked Attraction, …

‘I’m a freegan – I get food from bins, foraging or my garden’

Green activist John Cossham, 52, on how he earns very little so he can live a low-carbon lifestyle Name: John Cossham Age: 52 Income: £10,000 Occupation: Entertainer and ecology educator I’m an enthusiastic green activist and I earn very little so I can live …

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