We picked 19 places you should go in 2019

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We picked 19 places you should go in 2019

The editors at CNN Travel picked the 19 spots that should be on your list for 2019. Rethink some of the destinations you think you know, and hear about the coming hotspots while tickets are still on sale.

Airline sues passenger for skipping flight

The German airline Lufthansa sued one of its passengers after the traveler allegedly saved money by booking their final destination as their layover point. The airline argues that the move violates the term of the ticket. Read more… More about Travel, Masha…

Should You Get the Apple and Goldman Sachs Credit Card?

Apple and Goldman Sachs will launch a joint credit card this spring, the Wall Street Journal reports. The card is expected to be paired with new Apple Wallet features that will allow cardholders to “set spending goals, track their rewards and manage their bal…

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