Pluto is travel insurance aimed at millennials

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Pluto is travel insurance aimed at millennials

Pitched as “travel insurance for people who don’t like insurance,” U.K.-based Pluto Insurance is officially launching today with an online travel insurance product targeting millennials. Citing research that says 40 percent of millennials don’t actually buy t…

These Airlines Are Offering to Waive Rebooking Fees Due to Winter Storm Taylor

A winter storm is making its way through the midwest this weekend. If you have a flight over the center of the country you’ll likely be in the clear, but if your travel plans involve either leaving from or traveling to a number of midwest destinations or a la…

What Americans Need to Know About the New Rules For Traveling to Europe

Starting in 2021, Americans, as well as others from visa-free countries, will have to do a little more work before they’ll be able to visit a number of European countries. Now, getting into places like Germany, France, and Spain just requires your U.S. passpo…

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