Things that didn't last as long as Brexit negotiations

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Things that didn’t last as long as Brexit negotiations

Game of Thrones, space travel, the life span of a hamster. They’ve all got nothing on Brexit.

How Packing Cubes Can Change Your Life

I was a packing cube holdout for the longest time. Sure, people rave about them, and they are a classic travel hack. “But what would they really do for me?” I wondered, as I tightly rolled my t-shirts and tossed them into my cavern of a suitcase. “I mean, it’…

Check Your Seat Before Booking Near an Exit Row on a Flight

What’s worse than a middle seat with zero leg room? Discovering that your seat doesn’t recline—and you’re stuck on a cross-country flight, tensely bracing both armrests while seated upright. Read more…

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