Create a Separate Packing List When You Travel Overseas

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Create a Separate Packing List When You Travel Overseas

I have at least six different packing lists saved as notes on my iPhone: some for long weekends, others for emergencies, and one specifically meant for long flights. Read more…

Traffic on Memorial Day: Here’s what 37.6 million road trippers can expect

How, and if, people travel on Memorial Day weekend can provide a fleeting glimpse at the state of the U.S. economy, or at least provide insight into consumer confidence. The upshot this year: a near record-setting travel despite a rising national gas price. N…

Do I Really Need a Second U.S. Passport?

There are some travel hacks that make sense—like using the M obile Passport app to breeze through any customs line or booking a flight on a Tuesday when airfare might be cheapest—but what about obtaining a second U.S. passport? Read more…

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