Visualizing How Signals Travel In A PCB

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Visualizing How Signals Travel In A PCB

If you play with high speed design for long enough, eventually you’re going to run into clock skew and other weird effects. [Robert Feranec] recently ran into this problem and found an interesting solution to visualizing electric fields in a PCB. A word of wa…

8 airport boarding secrets, according to travel experts

From overbooked flights to long lines in security and at the gate, the problems and frustrations that can arise at the airport are endless. But by being nice to your gate agent and joining an airline alliance, you can get preferential treatment when boarding,…

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As I boarded the plane to Spain a few months ago, I looked forward to catching some sun and scientific stimulation at a conference in the middle of the dark, wet Swedish winter. I went through my upcoming oral presentation in my head as my 4-year-old ran ahea…

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