How to Travel Safely While LBGTQ

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How to Travel Safely While LBGTQ

All over the globe, countries are celebrating Pride Month, but the LGBTQ community at large remains in peril. Read more…

Get Vaccinated for Measles Before You Travel

You may not think of Europe as a place where you need vaccines before you go on vacation, but measles cases are at a record high in Europe this year. The CDC recommends that people traveling to any country outside the US take precautions against measles, so i…

Win a Vacation by Sharing Your Travel Horror Story

Many of us have experienced a disastrous flight or a debilitating case of sea-sickness that turned a vacation into a nightmare. Well, one company wants to reward one traveler with a trip re-do and cover up to $10,000 in expenses—sea sickness not included. Rea…

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