July 2019

You Need to Wear Sunscreen on an Airplane

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You Need to Wear Sunscreen on an Airplane

I always go for the window seat. I’d like to say it’s because I get to marvel at the beauty of our planet from above, but really, I just need a place to rest my head as I close my eyes and drool for a few uncomfortable hours. In my thirty-something years of a…

When to Re-Check Your Bag for a Connecting Flight

Over the weekend, I learned a hard travel lesson: Don’t forget to grab your bag during a domestic layover while traveling back from overseas. I realized this after leaving security at Boston’s airport and frantically called upon the help of a Delta airline at…

Her work will send a crew to the moon and back

NASA’s exploration mission analysis lead Nujoud Merancy works to enable spaceflight far beyond the moon. She takes us inside Orion – the exploration vehicle that will allow humans to travel further, and for longer, than ever before.

Learn a New Language While Listening to Audiobooks Using This App

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Learn a New Language While Listening to Audiobooks Using This App

When you’re trying to learn a new language, one of the best ways to comprehend how it all goes together is to apply all that vocabulary you’ve learned in a piratical way. Read more…

Peak Design Travel Tripod Review

The post Peak Design Travel Tripod Review appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Simon Ringsmuth. Ever since Peak Design launched their Capture Clip in 2011, they have carved out a unique and important niche for themselves in modern …

Nomads Travel To America’s Backroads and Walmarts — to Stock Amazon’s Shelves

The Verge recently profiled “a small group of merchants who travel the backroads of America searching clearance aisles and dying chains for goods to sell on Amazon. “Some live out of RVs and vans, moving from town to town, only stopping long enough to pick th…