The Apps You Need for Smarter Travel in Asia

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The Apps You Need for Smarter Travel in Asia

You may rely on Google Maps and Uber in the United States, but if you’re traveling to Japan, Korea or China, consider installing one of these.

Can’t travel this summer? Try taking a virtual vacation.

Sure, we’d all love to be jet-setting around the world, living out the summer travel fantasies that are only attainable for influencers with all their expenses paid and the 0.000001%. But more likely, you’re stuck behind a desk, aggressively swiping through y…

How to shrink your carbon footprint when you travel

When I fly from New York City to Denver for the Fourth of July, I will be able to spend my time at cruising altitude reflecting on the fact that I’ll be helping melt nearly 14,000 pounds of glacier ice, courtesy of the 430 kilograms of carbon dioxide my trip …

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