Space moss, stem cells and more are on their way to the ISS

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Space moss, stem cells and more are on their way to the ISS

The International Space Station is such a unique and important test bed that practically every spacecraft that docks with it carries new experiments for the crew to run. This month’s mission is no different, bringing biological tests that could be important f…

How to Recline Your Airplane Seat Without Being a Dick

Modern life may be filled with mundane annoyances, but nothing dehydrates the soul quite like commercial air travel. Stressed, scanned, patted down, and crammed in, airline passengers seem to be research subjects in some kind of grand experiment in humiliat…

I was a travel consultant for 5 years — here are the 9 best ways I saved money on travel

As a travel consultant, I helped clients find traveling options based on their schedules and budgets. I learned several money-saving tricks along the way, and I still use them when I’m booking my own travel. The tricks include strategically mixing and matchin…

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