Google Translate's Camera Feature Now Supports 88 Languages

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Google Translate’s Camera Feature Now Supports 88 Languages

I travel a ton, often to countries where my language skills are a little lacking. For those times, Google Translate has become an invaluable tool. The app helped me have a conversation about missing my train with a station agent in southern France that didn’t…

Should You Pay for TSA Precheck, Global Entry, or Clear?

You’ve seen the special lines at the airport: People just breezing on through routine security measures while you’re waiting behind a family of seven, an eighth-grade class trip, and at least a dozen otherwise fine people who seem to have never flown before. …

Northern exposure: Summer in the coolest US state

Heat got you down? Then head up to America’s coolest state, Alaska, where we have listed nine of the best travel adventures for you during summer.

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