Use Relaxation and Meditation Apps During Turbulence

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Use Relaxation and Meditation Apps During Turbulence

Despite the fact that I have dutifully studied all of the reasons why planes are the safest form of travel, I am still an anxious flyer. Read more…

How to Get the Best Wifi Connection at the Airport

You sit down at the airport, ready for (or relaxing during) a big day of travel. You have the perfect spot, closer to a power outlet than to annoying people. And right when you open your laptop, you realize… you have no idea how to get on the nearest wifi, …

Sage Plus for Experts gives travel experts a central place to share their content

Sage is giving reviewers, chefs and other experts and publishers a central place to share all their content. To do this, the startup has created a new product called Sage Plus for Experts, which isn’t open to the public yet, but is accepting signups from thos…

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