Make Better Decisions by Questioning Your Assumptions

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Make Better Decisions by Questioning Your Assumptions

When you find yourself with two seemingly incompatible goals, needs, or desires, ask yourself what it would take to achieve both outcomes simultaneously. Read more…

Pilot crashes into sea trying to hoverboard from England to France

There are some things man was not meant to do. Flying across the English Channel on a hoverboard may be one of them. The inventor of the jet-powered Flyboard Air, Franky Zapata, attempted the feat today. He was trying to become the first person to cross the C…

DoorDash Is Proof of How Easy It Is to Exploit Workers When Their Boss Is an Algorithm

We’re getting quite used to our algorithmic overlords. We’ve ceded, for the most part, that complex and invisible rulesets determine who will see our missives, travel pics, and RT dunks. More substantially, millions of workers now toil, essentially, for algor…

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