Colorado ex-Gov. Hickenlooper's travel ethics probe released

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Colorado ex-Gov. Hickenlooper’s travel ethics probe released

A report from the Colorado Ethics commission released Thursday came to no conclusion about whether former governor and current U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper’s use of private planes during his time in office violated state laws but detailed trips to …

UPS and CVS deliver prescription medicine via drone to U.S. residential customers for the first time

UPS is rolling along with its drone delivery program, working with partner CVS Pharmacy to deliver prescription drugs to customer doorsteps via its newly deployed commercial drones. UPS delivered medications to two paying customers on November 1, using the M2…

Australia’s women footballers get equal pay in landmark deal

Australia’s top women soccer players will now earn the same as their male counterparts after a landmark deal Wednesday that aimed to close the gender pay gap between the country’s national teams.

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