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Shopping in Kuala Lumpur // Ep 3 // Traveling With A Chronic Illness // Malaysia Travel Vlog [CC]

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Shopping In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

First thing we’re going to do is go and get our hair done. It’s quite long I do like my hair like this. I like my natural ringlets and so on That kind of like unbrush look, cause I just don’t brush it Nine times out of ten, when I go to the hairdresser’s and I come out, I would preferred it when I went in because I just like to style it my way, and when I say style it I mean like I just let it dry or I tie it in a bun, and let it dry on my head, and then when I let it go it goes wavy Anyway we’ll see I’m growing my hair.

Obviously. So I’m just gonna get my roots done And we don’t want them to trim it, but I have a fear that they’re going to tell me the ends are dead I bought myself a magazine How to improve your photography Anyway, I thought I’d get this and read it in the hairdressers because they always only provide really girly magazines with loads and loads adverts of handbags and shoes and clothes and like what makeup is best if you have this type of face and I’m like That was the fastest and best haircut I’ve had for a long time Just got our hair done, let’s take moment to appreciate Claudia, it’s actually, ironically I came out thinking Ah, this is probably one out of the ten times, it’s okay Unfortunately – you can’t tell from this angle – but everywhere you can’t see still has roots Yes, it was entirely pointless.

Claudia: I do a better job apparently Cause I’m the one who does it normally at home I did say, we were gonna do it last night, but we were tired, but I was just gonna do it for you Which is what we’re gonna do anyway. Well now we have to get more dye Plus point though is this does give me a good moment to plug the fact that Clara and I in the future are going to make a video all about maintaining your hair when it’s dyed, because people ask me that a lot Oh, and we asked everyone that in the community tab, which you should definitely go and check out Look at the community tab – I will post stuff there Claudia: Do you know what that one’s called? Jessica: What? Claudia: It’s the parrot fish, since it’s got like a beak Jessica Yeah, and it’s colorful Glutinous rice flour, water, potato search, tapioca starch canola oil Permitted coloring! No bad coloring, just the allowed ones. Jessie’s feeling a bit sad I feel sad, because Cause I’m full of hormones, that make a girl feel sad Basically it’s her time of month She can’t handle it Does anyone know which are the best hormone control pills to take that won’t make her feel hormonal Claudia: and she can stop feeling like this Jessica: I want to go on a pill that you don’t get a period cause I don’t need that in my life I just want my migraines to go away.

She’s in like actual agony? Hurts so much and so I just want to like get lots of.. I want to get lots and lots of clothes Really cheaply And then feel really good about myself That’s what I need Claudia: This is confusing you Jessica: Oh my god, this is really bending my mind We think we found some clothes that I like Maybe Claudia: It’s not your normal style I’m not sure where the skirt goes If I pull the waistband down to my waist I think I’m gonna get demonetized, guys! It’s not good It’s not gonna end well, is it? Yo Hello We are going to a night market – another one Another one, yeah. A Malaysian one, pasar malam Which will hopefully have some very exciting things, including a new Joby stick for this camera Cause this one is looking a little bit tired and, it’s like they’re all popping out Jessica: One the legs, every time I move it, just comes off Yeah! Anyway – no, what we’re gonna do is get some cheap mock up Mock up? Like spoof I’m too.. I’ve had a migraine for three days Claudia: Whatever Jessica: Don’t ask me! We’re gonna get some fake Joby sticks What other things are we gonna buy? Maybe some knickers? Jessica: What? Claudia: Essentials – some knickers I actually got an amazing bra from the first night market we went to in Thailand It was only two pounds, and it was the best bra I’ve ever bought Your knickers are made for child I’ve just got a small more bum, okay Well Yeah Okay, apparently I should cover more of my bum Oh no, I love your bum But I just think, you know, the bright primary colored underwear in like the little girly pantie shape I just don’t like spending money on things that don’t need to be like, that’s why I’m buying my new knickers from a market As the person who sees your underwear, I’m just saying I’ve got my other camera ready I just want to get some nice photos that encapsulate Malaysia And then get them framed and put them around our house in England and also maybe around the flat here Can my friend come? Can I come, please? I found more bows Claudia: Head bows Jessica: Look.

More bows This is , or sugar cane drink My aunt was like, oh they sell sugar cane drink, your favorite Because when I was little, I made a song about all of my favorite food in Malaysia it went a bit like this “Claudia singing” And I can remember the rest, but.. that’s how I told myself some simple Cantonese Today I feel really poo I’m just really exhausted and.. Ugh! Cause I’ve been awake now for like five hours, and I’m not awake Good morning! So yesterday’s market was absolutely amazing – wait, should I turn this fan off? I should turn the fan off. So yesterday’s market is really really good. It was the market that I wanted to see in Thailand It wasn’t just touristy tatty stuff which the town markets were But we got amazing fruit So cheap! And it’s now absolutely filling our fridge. Our fridge is full of weird fruit And I managed to get some nice bows for my hair I had a really lovely dinner And it was just a really nice experience. It was really good However, shopping at the department stores yesterday – not so great As you can see I am wearing the same dress as yesterday Not only because this dress isn’t actually dirty, so why not? But also just because I don’t have enough clothes I know, I know that’s the type of thing of course I would say that but I genuinely didn’t actually bring that many clothes with me Swimming costumes on the other hand..

People keep asking me on Instagram, how many swimming costumes do you have with you exactly? Ten! Yeah Yes! Clothes are really cheap here, and they’re really good quality as well and Underwear especially is much better buying it out here because it does not need to be as expensive as in England So Yeah, and then kind of apparently we just forgot that although Claudia looks absolutely amazing in everything she has tried on here and has the perfect body for it I do not Everything here is quite, it’s sort of cut for more of an Asian body type and the fashions for tops and so on seem very straight down and Now, it’s just not.. that’s just not me So today, we’re going to Sunway which is about, apparently a 15-minute drive way, getting an Uber and is a much bigger mall, has a larger range of stuff And I am super excited, because we went there when we here two years ago and they have this whole area, that is just Weird street fashion – is the best way to describe that And I got some really good vintage skirts there Very big skirts – very big And they have sort of Harajuku stuff They have some relief(?) stuff they have different Different looks and fashion, styles.

And I’m really excited. I want to get some weird handbags So that’s really fun, and we are dressed ready for the air con Because this is a very important thing when you’re shopping in Malaysia. You need to know Bring clothes for the cold Weird, but true. It’s freezing. Every shop you go, it’s freezing It’s genuinely freezing in here. It is, it is But, just stopping to get my Coke Light – slowest service ever and then I turned around and I saw an amazing shop! Just a pharaoh statue twice the size of a regular human Clearly, 50% of you guys are American, my analytics tell me So is this really boring for you? Are you like “oh, seen that before”? Cause all of my British people, I know, are like “Ahh”! Let’s go into Asian Avenue! “Jessica singing” Oh yeah, first we’re gonna try to find an external hard drive – so exciting! A bit lost right now, but the great thing is it’s a circle No, it’s not a circle.

It’s a square, and the square means we eventually get back to where we want to be Hello Claudia is now holding the camera for me, even though it looks like I am I’m not I’m in so much pain! Claudia: That’s what shopping does to you We bought stuff, guys Warning, I’m gonna show you Brian – be prepared. Or skip ahead Claudia: It’s not looking that bad, just a bit mangi. Manji? Mangi? Jessica: Sorry, are you trying to say mangy? Or mangi? Claudia: Both Ah, pills! Pills Liquid and pills Claudia: Have some non-alcoholic drink again It’s like shooting drilling stop stabbing pain From my toesies all the way to my hips. I don’t have a cutesy words the hips Claudia: Yeah, hipsies From my toesies to my hipsies No that doesn’t quite work Cut to us trying on our clothes Both: Marvel t-shirts! Jessica: These are both one of only 300 made Claudia: They glow in the dark, how amazing it. Jessica: Oh, that’s so good Claudia : Don’t you agree, Fred? So Claudia has asked me to open her crisp packet because this is what she did when she last opened it This is her idea of resealing You can’t just duct tape things together! You know for someone with two degrees, this is either ingenious or idiotic! Right Well, they are still fresh.

I will give you that, they are still fresh We are at the house of Claudia’s aunt and uncle That was a really non English way to say that, wasn’t it? “That’s the house of” We’re having a nice dinner together, because it’s the last day of Chinese New Year So celebration dinner. I’m really looking forward to it Jessica: Why is the rice blue? Put some flowers, special flowers, colored flowers, so you get them blue Jessica : You’re abusing a small child “Laughter” Jessica: No, no, no – what’s this? Claudia: Look at my hair Jessica: What’s happened to your head, Claudia? Jessica: Claudia as a bridesmaid looking so pleased with herself Jessica: Claudia giving some good face right there. That’s beautiful Claudia: I got no teeth Jessica: Got no teeth Claudia: No, no front teeth “Laughter” Jessica: Lovely! And this is this is Claudia’s smile Jessica: That’s right

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11 Amazing Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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11 Amazing Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the largest and most influential city of Malaysia. A population of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and others from around the world makes the city a melting pot of coexisting cultures that each preserves their own customs traditions and cuisines. The mixture of ancient architecture and modern skyscrapers and most importantly the mouth-watering food makes Kuala Lumpur a fantastic city to visit.

Now let’s start with these eleven things to do in Kuala Lumpur


Nothing dominates the skyline and screams Kuala Lumpur more than the monster Twin Towers. I am at the base of the Petronas Towers, these are by far the most iconic landmarks in the city. At the ground level is a big shopping center. At the 41st floor there’s a sky-bridge where you can get a great view of the city. From there there’s a beautiful park right next to the Petronas Towers that has some of the best drinking fountains I’ve ever seen in my life.


The historical district of Old Central Kuala Lumpur the area makes a great place for a walking tour despite all the modern skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur. There’s still a historic area I’m just near the the old railroad station and I’m doing a little walk around to see some of the most historical and some of the most prized buildings in Kuala Lumpur.  I’m at the entrance of Kuala Lumpur’s National Mosque Medicus Square, which is the independence monument and it’s home to a 95 meter flagpole.


Which is among the tallest in the entire world, the Menara KL tower at 421 meters in height the insanely tall communications tower touches the heavens. The sky restaurant is admire, the unbelievable panoramic view from the top on the top of the Menara KL Tower, at some absurd height up here pretty scared out of my mind to sit on this ledge.


Number four is Little India known better as Brickfields KL, it has a lot of Indian areas of town but the area of Brickfields is known as the largest Little India in Kuala lumpur. Brickfields is the home to hindu temples small food markets stores selling Sarees and other Indian clothing, more important, most of the South Indian restaurants is around here.


Petaling Street, popular with both locals and tourists in Kuala Lumpur. We are at Chinatown on Petaling Street and lots of different stalls of clothes, mostly clothes, shoes, watches, handbags, DVDs, offensive stuff like that. There are also lots of restaurants at both of this street and on the surrounding area of Chinatown as well.


Number six is the Thien Hau Chinese Temple built by the Hainanese community in KL. This Taoist temple is dedicated to the Thien Hau goddess of the heavenly mother. I am at the Thien Hau Chinese temple it was built on the side of the hill furthermore you also have a view of Kuala Lumpur. On the other side, the Central Market also known as Pasar Seni.


Pasar Seni at one point it was the original central market of the city. Today it’s a little bit touristy inside but it is a good place. If you’re looking to purchase Malaysian souvenirs it is a good place to browse around.


The KL Gardens and the KL bird park which includes the world’s largest in-flight aviary for bird lovers. It shouldn’t be missed the KL Gardens, walking around with nice scenery. The KL bird park, the KL Mouse Deer Park, the Butterfly Park and a Hibiscus Garden an Orchid Garden you name it it’s all right in this area, The KL Gardens.


Batu Caves it’s located just 13 kilometers from the center of KL. It is one of the most sacred Hindu religious sites outside of India. The 272 steps to the top is an easy climb that’s rewarded with a gorgeous cave filled with Hindu religious. At the bottom of the cave you’ll find a series of vegetarian restaurants where you can replenish your calories after the climb.


The Central Chow Kit Wet Market it’s one of the largest fresh wet markets in the city, and they have a lot of my absolute favorite ingredients. In the entire state all the fresh ingredients, you could  prepare a Malay feast are available at Chow Kit. There’s also always a delicious array of fresh tropical fruit as well.


Did you really think I’d end this list of things to do in Kuala Lumpur without adding food???

As an attraction for myself, and most local Malaysians as well, it’s all about the food and when you visit Kuala Lumpur. Your mouth is going to rejoice with the diverse selection of Malay, Chinese, and Indian food available. Malaysia is one of the best countries in the world for food. Kuala Lumpur offers something tasty at every corner. From nasi lemak to Ikan Bakar, Char Kuey Tiaw to Bakuyt tea, banana leaf to tandoori chicken.


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